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Matrix- Modulators L100/R100
Price: 1000 Rubles.

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Collective matrix modulators L100 and R100 are devices capable of emitting fields with left-sided or right-sided activity with a corresponding dissymmetry (Certificate number 24747 on the utility model from August, 20th,2002). 

The devices have a size of 50 mm x 50 mm, thickness 1 mm.

Matrix modulators L100 and R100 are intended for: 

• Protection of the human biological field at home, workspace or in a car, from the distortions caused by pathogenic fields, whose sources are electronic devices with integrated circuits, furniture, synthetic materials and plastics, as well as any items whose shapes have disturbances of the “Golden Ratio” (pictures and drawings on clothings, home furnishings, etc.);
• Maintaining and restoring the health in presence of diseases and various pathological and functional disorders of the human body, in accordance with the individual biological type (left or right);
• Creation of an comfortable energetical state during night´s rest. 

The devices are developed by V.A. Nekrasov, who obtained experimental evidence for the existence of the biospherical form-fields, which have characteristics of leftism/rightism and energetical dissymmetry, and which are based on a geometrical structure (see “Biospheric dissymmetry and human health”). In the production of matrix modulators L100 and R100 are used high-density geometric patterns that modulate an artificial form field, approximated as close as possible to the natural form-field of the Earth. Matrix modulators L100 and R100 went through long-term studies, listed in the Unified Register of RF for devices and instruments for medical purposes: RU number 2011/10417 from 05.04.2011. 

The influence of pathogenic radiation of different origins causes distortions of the human biological field, reduces the functionality of the body, and as a consequence, leads to the emergence of diseases. The proper application of emitters of artificial form-fields with left-handed activity (L100) or right-handed activity (R100) restores the geometric shape of the body-cells, bringing them closer to the “Golden Ratio”. Thereby a restoration of cell function and improvement of metabolic processes takes place. 

Before applying the matrix modulators L100 and R100 it is necessary to determine:
• The biological type of a person (with the help of specialists of the Drevo Roda Methodical Centre);
• The type of pathogen stress;
• The right placement and, if necessary, the number of sets of matrix modulators L100 and R100 to solve the task asked.

The price of one set of matrix modulators L100 and R100 is 1000 rubles.